Art Contest


Launching the third exhibition of art work in progress at the Baia del Capo, is the third step for the construction of an open-air art gallery, the? Review? proposal within the Baia del Capo project, wants to confirm the value of one of the most significant trends of contemporary art:? Urban Art? o? Street Art ?, surely the one most able to develop on a large scale the cultural exchange between people, by virtue of its popular character and the natural force of dialogue with everyday reality. It is a question of the modern affirmation of the social character of Art, which is no longer limited to the physical and cultural limits of the Galleries and Museums, but brought to the light of the sun and entrusted to everyone's eyes. A language already well tested in many Italian and European cities, especially in the ability to restore life and dignity to degraded urban forms worn by time, enhancing and bringing to light the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the communities. The aims of the Review are the increase, the interaction between the classical culture and the historical naturalistic identity of the territory of Capo Vaticano and the modern expressions of youth culture, the enhancement of art as an expressive artistic form and of immediate communication, the recovery in urban areas subject to tourism, the promotion of youth creativity, through the offer of moments of participation and visibility to emerging artists, the stimulus to the rediscovery of positive values ​​such as the sense of belonging to the community, with this initiative is that works of art, precisely because they are a common good, are even more usable to everyone.


While the last event was the main figure painting, with the construction of some large murals on the exterior walls of the hotel bungalows, in 2016 was the sculpture. A distinctive sign of the Art Contest is always the "pink" color. of the participants to valorize many feminine energies that do not always have the attention they deserve.
Protagonists of the second edition of? SculturArt Contest - RifiutinArte ?, five Calabrian women (Annarita Aprile, Raffaella Ameduri, Rosamaria Caroleo, Emanuela Greco and Guida Marta) who have been called to compete with as many sculptures on the theme of? Giganti Mata and Grifone? through the use of materials of various kinds and inspired by the tradition of giants. Works that are permanently available to the public within the Baia del Capo hotel.
The particularity of this artistic edition was in the fact that the materials used in the five works are all recycled to signify the importance of protection and respect for the environment.
The five works, created in the open spaces of the structure from 26 September to 1 October, were judged by a jury chaired by Rosy Pantano (director of the hotel), artistic director Marinaro, architect Vincenzo Rocco and artist Antonio La Gamba. The jury's judgment was added to that of the various visitors and tourists. The winner was Rosa Maria Caroleo's work called ? Ritmo? , made of iron, wood and sheet material. All other works have been classified and evaluated on an equal basis.


During the artistic event a technical jury evaluated the works giving rise to an award ceremony. To win, the artist Ambra Miglioranzi, author of the mural entitled Canfora and freedom in her myth , inspired by the legend of Donna Canfora, deals with deception on a ship and kidnapped by two corsairs, in the imagination of the winner of the review? subtracted? to his destiny by a seagull that seems to want to grab it to take it away with it.
Of particular beauty also the other murals: Memories, stories and culture of Carmen Ignoto, represented by the sea, from the braids of onion from the peppers and the capitals; Bud of Carmen and Lidia Riga depicting the lighthouse, the Stromboli, the clear rock, silhouetted in the? warm orange of the sunset; Re - evoking Rosa Malerba, with a postcard with such an impossible date, February 29, 1978 (that year was not leap year) as true in the images and the message written with a very elementary handwriting, linked to a schooling at that time probably still uncertain, still not very widespread; Source of memory of Giulia Casto representing the history, the beginnings, the dawns, when it was all uncontaminated, and it was work, it was land, it was water to be fetched with the voices. 6 am, the flight of the swallows by Jeso Marinaro, an artist out of competition, as well as artistic director of the event, represented by a game of geometries and shades of the flight of the swallows.